Monday, August 17, 2009

Finalist #2 - Meet Lolli @ Better In Bulk

Lolli....Lolli....Lolli.....I think what it Is that so many love about her, and her writing is her relatability....and the fact that her place over at Better In has a little bit of everything for everyone....she is more of a multi-tasker than I could ever even attempt to be....from Photography Giveaways....and fabulous stories and glimpses into her amazing family....

she is a well deserving finalist......

Here is how she answered my crazy...not always coherant questions:

1. In your opinion, what makes a great, readable blog?

I think the personal element and interaction makes a huge difference. I like to read blogs where I feel like I can really get to know the blog writer.

2. What traits do you think our mommy blogger of the year should possess?

I think that the Mommy Blogger of the Year should be fun, personable, post regularly, and have a good, solid reader base.

3. Why are mommy bloggers so imporant today?

Blogging creates community. It helps us all feel connected and reminds us that we are not alone. There are others just like us all over the place!

4. If you were stuck on a desereted island...what 3 things would you take?

I would take my camera, my computer, and a soft pillow.

5. What is probably the best mom story you have?

Seriously? I have no idea. Every day is filled with interesting mommy moments, since it is certainly never boring around my house.

6. What do you plan on doing if you win our Mommy Blog of the Year Contest?

I will bask in the glory for a few days and take my girlfriends out for ice cream. Or maybe I'll make them BUY me ice cream. I'd deserve it, right?!

7. What do you want the public/readers to know about you?

I am a mother of 5 kids, ranging from 4 to 12. I am a teacher by degree, mommy by blood sweat and tears, and photographer by hobby. I love to blog but I probably (*cough*) spend too much time doing it. I might not be the wittiest blogger, the best photographer, or the most perfect mom, but I try to keep it real.

Here are Lolli's 3 Favorite Posts: To Get to Know Her Better!!!

Tuesday Tribute- Dad: A Touching post for two amazing men in her life.

Foto Friday: Aperture or How To Blur: This has soooo helped me out already!!

Living the High Life As A Pirates Mother: An Enlighting Look into the mind of a future Treasure Seeker!

So If You LOVE Lolli.....Head over to the Right....(Your Other Right) ....and VOTE for her....You can vote 1 time per day!!!!

Another Fabulous Etsy Shop: Creative Details is AMAZING!!! Adorable Frames and Custom Lettering.....and She wants to Award Our Winner with an absolutely fantastic custom frame!!!


angie said...

Love this idea of featuring the finalists. Great interview and sneak peak at Lolli, whom I adore.

Andrea Marie Photography said...

I LOVE Lolli!!!!!! And I loved reading this interview!

Loukia said...

Such a great idea! Love both blogs!

Lolli said...

Thanks for the feature! I am loving all of the love that I am feeling today. :)

The Redhead Riter said...

So many children = so much conditional love. I soooooo needed more children! LOL

natalee said...

I am in love love love with your blog and think your idea to spotlight is fabulous.....

yonca said...

I'm following your lovely blog ;)

Mama Kat said...

I do love Lolli!!!

parentingBYdummies said...

Hey! I know Lolli (IRL, too actually) and she is super cool! Actually, all of the finalist are pretty amazing. No wonder I wasn't nominated! Kidding;)

MammaMania said...

I was on vacation but just wanted to say that I also love Lolli!