Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mommy Blogger of the Year Sponsor: Concord Soap Company

The Mommy Blogger of The Year Swag Bag is full of amazing and Fabulous products that any Celeb Mommy would LOVE....I have to say though, one of my FAVE products that is included this year, comes from a special and unique Soap, Bath and Body Care Company: Concord Soap Company

Concord Soap Company creates totally unique and very cool products that are top quality and help make your skin and body look, smell and feel great! They carry everything from Soaps and bath salts to Lotions and Lip Balms.....they even have BEER Soap for that upcoming Father's Day Gift!

Our Fabulous M.B.O.Y will receive a OMG yummy Red Clover Tea help her pamper herself!

Check them out on their Website or on Etsy!



Erin said...


I just read your email about the Mommy Blogger of the Year and am so excited and honored to be considered..please count me in!!! Please let me know what I need to do and about the button, etc...

thank you so much!