Friday, August 21, 2009

Finalist #4: Meet Alicia @ It Ain't Easy Being Cheesy

So I think this Pic sums up our 4th finalist fairly well...don't you?.....I'm sure if you've stopped by this hip already know about her awesome-ness.....Hey...any super caring sister who would help her brother find a lady through her good people to me!!!

Just Check out her answers below...if you aren't quite sure about her being a fierce mama!!!

1. In your opinion, what makes a great, readable blog?

What really manages to captivate me into reading a blog and coming back for more is when I find myself connecting with the writer. Whether it's because they're a mother and I've been through her same situation or even something as small as loving the same TV show. When I find that I connection I find myself hooked. The icing on the cake is if they make me laugh, then I know they're making it on my blog roll!

2. What traits do you think our mommy blogger of the year should possess? hair, hazel eyes...Oh, you meant character traits! Right. I think that they should be honest and stay true to themselves. I think that they should also be considerate of their readers. While it is their blog, it is the readers who lend a hand to their success, and I feel we should keep them in mind.

3. Why are mommy bloggers so important today?

Personally I feel that they're important because they provide a form of community. A place where people can go to relax, laugh, learn, bond, socialize and express. The success of mommy bloggers has given bloggers everywhere opportunities that they wouldn't have had access to before. They serve as a great mode of communication and bring new products, events, and education straight into our homes.

4. If you were stuck on a deserted island...what 3 things would you take?

This is tough...I'm assuming my kids would be safe at home with goes!!- Gluten-free vegan food since I would probably be allergic to everything on the island.
- My fully charged blackberry so I could blog to my hearts content until my battery died.- A roll of toilet paper because wiping with leaves just isn't for me!

5. What is probably the best mom story you have?

I would have to say the day that I packed my car with my baby and what ever belongings I could manage to fit and left my old life behind me. I left the old life of heartache for the new life of uncertainties and promise and never looked back. To this day, it has been hands down, the best choice I have ever made for my son, and for my children that followed.

6. What do you plan on doing if you win our Mommy Blog of the Year Contest? (Going to Disneyland?)

I'd dust off my tiara and place it firmly on my well coiffed hair. Then I'd write a fabulous post all about how I was the winner winner chicken dinner and thank all the fabulous folks that voted for me. After that I'd call the mayor of our sweet little city and let them know that it was ok with me if they wanted to dedicate September 1st to me (which of course they would). The mayor would even throw in a parade with ticker tape and present me with a key to the city. I'd throw a little party on my blog with a fantastic giveaway for all my awesome readers and I'd end the night with my amazing family and closest friends eating otter pops and downing red bull....and maybe some chips and salsa.

7. What do you want the public/readers to know about you?

I want them to know that I'm so grateful for their support. I'm so humbled that they continue to read my horror stories about explosive diapers, IBS, and my desire to have chocolate covered midol! I hope they know that despite the raunchy humor and the crazy antics I'm also a well grounded person! I'm not completely insane. I hold strong values and beliefs and hope that they can take that away, as well as a laugh or two. I also want them to know that I can make an amazing impersonation of a chicken. It's pretty much spot on. I'm just sayin'.

To Quote Beyonce: I'm a Survivor: An amazing Story about a Mom's sacrifice...and meeting your prince/man meat

Free Dog: Any Takers? - Yeah Been there, Done that....actually had our second Dog/Diaper Genie incident just the other day....(insert nasty word) dogs!!!

Milestones Suck: - Ain't that the frickin truth....and I'm guilty of being the neurotic first time mom.... fine fellow bloggers/readers......Head due East.....or West....or South for that matter.....and Vote!!!!.....Alicia NEEDS your Votes.....All our Mommies need your Votes......only....10 more days left.....!!!!!

Design Fruit: I Fell Madly in LOVE with His Funky And Fabulous Designs for the HOme....Jordan is SO Talented his desgins have shown up on Sunkist and 7up cans, Chevy ads, PBS ads, Blue Man Group merchandise, H&M apparel, Hewlett Packard design templates, FLOR tile samples, a network show package for the Versus Channel, and the Eastern Promises movie trailer. He was so very Gracious Enough to Donate a Funky Cool Set of 3 Robot Men Decals for our put in her room of course!!!


The Mrs. said...

Chocolate covered midol.... thats brilliant!

beth said...

i love alicia! she's so cute. off to vote.

Taylor K said...

GOOOO Alicia!

S Club Mama said...

VOTE FOR ALICIA! She's amazing, honestly. So much mommy wisdom for a mommy like me really just starting out.

FranticMommy said...

Alicia will always have my vote! she's the cheesiest! And anybody who puts "Sphincter says what?!" on her blog is SO my kind of gal.
LOve ya Alicia!

Rachel said...

An island gettaway and you want a Crackberry? LOL.

b. said...

wow.. you're kicking butt in the poll!!! i keep voting for you.. hope you win!!!