Monday, October 19, 2009

Your Secret Stork...A Review

Now as you all know...I don't do reviews very often....and the ones I do, do are companies and/or products that I think are amazing, outstanding and totally worth telling my friends and fellow bloggers about....

I can't tell you how very cool this idea is: Your Secret Stork is a service that offers you an exclusive way to suprise the expectant mother in your life. Choose from one of our following packages, and we will send unique gifts to the mother from her special Secret Stork (this means you). Through the duration of her pregnancy, one of these gifts will arrive at her door with related a poem too sweet for us to reveal. These gifts will be signed "Love, Your Secret Stork". The mother-to-be will be so touched that someone is thinking of her through her entire pregnancy. She will be filled with anticipation to see who this thoughtful person might be. You may choose to have the Reveal gift sent to you, so you may hand deliver it at the hospital or baby shower. Anyway you choose, the mother-to-be will be elated and thankful to have someone so thoughtful keeping her pregnancy such a special occasion this entire time.

I thought this was an AMAZING idea for a 2nd, 3rd or 4th pregnancy...when a shower isn't really done....It will make her feel special...and her pregnancy feel special as well.....without feeling like you are spending a fortune. The packages range from $45 for 3 months to $90 for 6 months....very budget friendly!

Here are a couple of Testimonials:

I recently gave birth to my first child, and was thrilled to have been on the receiving end of the Secret Stork! The little gifts that I got throughout my pregnancy were so special and exciting. I looked forward to each one, and it seemed to help the time pass! My cousins surprised me at my shower, revealing that they were the Secret Storks! I would suggest this as a gift to any newly pregnant mother, and I plan to use this service in the future!
Joy R.

I ordered the five month package for my cousin who lives out of town. The items shown were adorable, and they were even able to coordinate gifts once the sex was known as well as incorporate the baby’s name on items, which helps to personalize the experience. It was so easy to do and it was nice to know that everything was handled for me, from wrapping to shipping. The little poems/cards included were so cute! I was even able to give the final gift in person at her baby shower. Her reaction was priceless! It was great to see her expression when her “secret stork” was revealed! I would recommend this service to anyone who wants to make an expectant mom’s journey unforgettable!
Lauren M.

Here is what Rachelle and Kelly the Owners Have to Say:

As you can see what we provide is more than just a gift for the expectant parents. It allows other family members and friends to join this journey with them. For my business partner and I, this business has given us many blessings. Together we shared the experience of pregnancy, several times between the two of us. We understood that pregnancy is filled with such excitement. It’s especially moving when you know you aren’t the only one who is “over the moon” that you are about to have a baby. So we took a unique concept and a leap of faith and turned it into a dream come true. Every aspect of our business has fallen into place and we have many more goals ahead of us. This business has given us confidence in our own abilities and talents, but what has surprised us is our own connection to our clients. It is a very personal thing to be a part of our Secret Stork service. Both parties involved are filled with such anticipation for the reveal and we find ourselves biting our nails with them. Our expectant parents have been very overwhelmed of the thoughtfulness of their secret stork and that brings us more satisfaction than you can imagine.

This Service will definitely be on my list for friends and family who are expecting...especially since the majority have already had their first child...I think it will be an amazing experience for both of us!

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roadrunner201 said...

This is a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, too!

Loukia said...

That is a such a sweet idea! Love it!

The Me/ The Wife/ The Mom said...

Sounds like a great idea! But I might have been so curious and hormonally paranoid during my pregnancies that it just might have driven me MAD! :)

Kelli said...

What a great idea!! I agree with The Me/ The Wife/ The Mom - I would spend more of my time trying to figure out who was sending me these gifts.