Friday, March 26, 2010

Gotta Luv Them Boys!

Now who says boy things aren't as cute as Girl things?

Boys' British Rock Jacket from RetroBaby: $56

10 Again Clothing screenprint t-shirt available at $26

Request 'Anson' Jeans available at $25

Braided Faux Leather Flip Flops from Old Navy: $13

Plaid Cargo Shorts from Old Navy: $10

Kids Grow Chart- Vinyl Wall Decal From WowWall: $45

Boon 'Saucer' BPA free Divided Plate: $6

Retro Rocket Ride On Toy from Radio Flyer: $49


Loukia said...

Love it!

Linda said...

Hi, Happy SITS day to you too. Thanks for your comment.
I love little boy's fashions. Makes them very handsome.

LisaDay said...

Boys fashions have become much cuter.

Stopping in from SITS.


Acting Balanced Mom said...

I have to say that good, cute boys clothing and accessories can sometimes be harder to source... sometimes I shake my head at what buyers at some places think we want to dress our little guys in... and I can rarely make an outfit all from one store... but it just adds fun to the shopping experience... stopping by from SITS