Saturday, August 29, 2009

Finalist #10: Meet Aubrey @ The Fam 5 of the first blogs I began reading when I started my journey in the Blogosphere...I love how a good person she is....I love her stories....and how amazing her family is!

1. In your opinion, what makes a great, readable blog?
One that keeps it REAL. Besides sharing their funny, heartwarming or cute stories, I love bloggers who aren't afraid to share their sad and bad days too. We ALL have those! If I come across a blog that is always sunshine and roses, it's not for me.

2. What traits do you think our mommy blogger of the year should possess?
Love and respect for her family and HERSELF! She should also be carrying some of her baby weight 3-4-5 years later. Actually, I think that should be a requirement.

3. Why are mommy bloggers so imporant today?
I think it is a great outlet for all mommies out there. When you need support, they are there. When you need a dose of "act right", they are there. When you ask for advice, they are there. Plus, who knows the ups and downs mommies go through more than other mommies?!

4. If you were stuck on a desereted island...what 3 things would you take?
Lipgloss with SPF of course, iPod and large stunner sunglasses!

5. What is probably the best mom story you have?
We were at my in-laws and my daughter (2 at the time) and son (6 at the time) were outside playing. All of a sudden I heard my daughter whimpering. I walked out, saw her standing by her brother, saw him lying on the ground with his bone sticking out his arm, turned right back around and went into the house. Yep. I did. Or.When I shoved a tampon up my toddler's nose because it wouldn't stop bleeding. Or. Last Monday, when my toddler cracked his head open and I freaked out, causing my tween to freak out and then my toddler to freak out even more. Good times. said BEST mom story. Ooops.

6. What do you plan on doing if you win our Mommy Blog of the Year Contest? (Going to Disneyland?)
Squeal with delight, jump up and down, do the happy dance and possibly pass out...not from Patron this time.

7. What do you want the public/readers to know about you?
I am raising 3 wonderful kiddos, ages 3, 12 and 16, with my wonderful hubby of almost 17 years. There is always a story to tell with a toddler, tween and teen! I may not be the the greatest, most creative or witty writer but what comes out in my posts is from my heart. Take me as I am...
If you'd like to help Aubrey Squeal with delight....head right on over to the right ...over got it...and VOTE for her!!!
Now if you are a I'm sure at one time or another had to try and feed one handed....yeah not so much....well Barbara...the creative mastermind behind Baby Dipper understood that issue very well, being a mom of two sets of twins....She has created an amazing feeding system that allows you to feed one's design even allows the food to sit in one more chasing it around the bowl....holy cow!!! I was so excited when she agreed to send our winner a baby dipper.....whether our winner has a baby or is a fabulous edition to our swag bag!!!