Sunday, August 30, 2009

Finalist #11: Meet MckMama @ My Charming Kids

MckMama - If I were to choose an extremely inspirational mommy/blogger....she would definitely be right up there in my top lists....(Though as I've been reading all our finalists...they all are my top list)....I cannot begin to fathom the depth of her faith in fighting to help little Stellan....Reading her posts....It is refreshing and honest...her good days...and bad....her love and devotion to her entire family....and the amazing readers who love and care deeply for her and her family.....I think she is worthy indeed of being one of our finalists!

1. In your opinion, what makes a great, readable blog?

varied topics that are written from the heart, pictures and a little humor

2. What traits do you think our mommy blogger of the year should possess?

ability to speak to other mothers about common topics

3. Why are mommy bloggers so imporant today?

share information and make personal connnections

4. If you were stuck on a desereted island...what 3 things would you take?

the Bible, a baby sling, and hummus

5. What is probably the best mom story you have?

the many times I meet readers of my blog and find out that we already 'know each other' - so much fun!

6. What do you plan on doing if you win our Mommy Blog of the Year Contest? (Going to Disneyland?)

whatever the day holds!

7. What do you want the public/readers to know about you?

That I am a follower of Christ, and how very grateful we are for the support of our family and prayers for Stellan

Now I know I couldn't choose three fave Mckmama I'm glad she did!

Blurry Backgrounds - An amazing photographer....I'm so trying this one!

Focus - I love the connection between, faith, life and photography!.....

Making your own food Mckmama Style - I loved making Pooh's baby food...

As I've Mentioned before, our Mommy Blogger of the Year....needs some pampering time of her soothe the body....and relax the mind.....I'm announce that a fabulous Company Called Lily's Goat giving our winner a fabulous gift pack.....of AMAZING natural Goats milk products....They make fabulous soaps, bath salts and Lotions....all are free of dyes and chemical preservatives....and great for sensitive skin!!!


Michelle said...

Yeah! I love reading her blog. Very inspirational!

Devonte joseph said...

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