Monday, August 31, 2009

Finalist #12: Meet Angie @ Bring The Rain

Angie at Bring the Rain....was unable to respond to my I don't have her answers to all my probing Barbara Walter's worthy questions.....But that is totally fine.....I can't tell you what a wonderful woman, wife, mother and blogger this lady is....The strength she has shown through the loss of child is inspiring to say the least...! I'm glad she is a top finalist for this award...if you feel Angie deserves this title....head over and vote!! Today is the last day!

I'm listing some great posts of Angies for stop over....!!!

The Beginning of the Story - I can't begin to imagine!

Slideshow - Beautiful!

The Sticks and Panties- Totally not what you think

The Mourning and The Dancing - Your Strength astounds me

Our winner needs something fun, pretty and totally unique as part of her celeb worthy swag bag!....A Great Company, Alonia Creations, has generously stepped in to give our winner one very sassy and chic cart along on mommy of the year outings. Made by a Single working mom....she makes wonderful, quality products...our mommy blogger of the year will be thrilled to have!
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I Love beautiful things.....and am both honored and humbled to have an awesome designer Sharin Ann be a contributor to our mommy blogger of the year!.....She is generously giving a beautiful silver book mark....for all those amazing books our winner I'm sure reads....because Mommy's need their own time.....She also makes beautiful hand crafted jewelry and wine charms!....I highly recommend going by and checking out her amazing products!