Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Finalist #6: Meet Veggie Mom @ Eat Your Veggies

Aunt Julie and Veggie Mom....Veggie Mom...and Aunt Julie...One Cool Chick....A Fabulous Wife...an Amazing Mama...and can I just say How cool I think Uncle Lynn is?...just for the record and all!

1. In your opinion, what makes a great, readable blog?

I love reading humorous, relevant blogs; the ones that make me "think" are great. I also love parenting tips and recipes!

2. What traits do you think our Mommy Blogger of the Year should possess?

The Mommy Blogger of the Year, first and foremost, has to be able to take herself seriously, while at the same time realizing that "it is what it is," and that life goes on. In other words, "silly" has to be part of the mix, big-time. This realistic approach to "Mommyhood" will keep her on an even keel, while at the same time keeping her readers a little off-balance.

3. Why are Mommy Bloggers so important today?

Oh, gosh, so many answers come to mind. Mommy Bloggers remind us that we're not alone; that it's OK to mess up sometimes, that kids are resilient, and that being a Mom is the best job in the world!

4. If you were stuck on a deserted island...what 3 things would you take with you?

My family, my dogs, and rum, to go with the tropical fruit! I'm assuming that this would be a tropical island, right?

5. What is probably the best Mom Story you have?

I've always loved the beach. When I was pregnant with Soccer Boy (my 4th), I took an innertube into the ocean, planning to spend some time floating around in the gentle surf, watching the dolphins. I guess I must have fallen asleep; when I awoke from my slumbers, I noticed I was waaaaaaaaaayyyy too far beyond the shore. The currents were carrying me out to sea! I panicked briefly, but was relieved when a hot young guy in a kayak came by and asked if I needed help. He towed me to shore. Before he rescued me, I thought I was headed for Bermuda!

6. What do you plan on doing if you win our Mommy Blog of the Year Contest? (Going to Disneyland?)I'm going to that deserted island you mentioned, with my family, my dogs and a bottle of rum, if that's OK!

7. What do you want the public/readers to know about you?

That I've got 4 boys and a wonderful husband. You know, Uncle Lynn, the POPrs King! I love my family (natch), I'm a gardener (except when I'm killing the petunias and the topsy-turvy tomatoes) and I'm also a quilter. I'm a beachcomber, too, and I'm always on the lookout for bargains! I'm also really involved in the family business. Uncle Lynn, aka my hubby, Mr. Pops and the POPrs King, makes a product that encourages kids (and everyone else) to eat their veggies! Hence, the name of my blog, and my prime purpose in the blogosphere...to share a little bit about me and my familywhile getting the word out about the POPrs King and his adventures!

Let's get to know Aunt Julie/Veggie Mom a little Better...shall we?

Topsy Turvy Tomato Tragedy (say that 5 times fast) - I myself am fighting the brown thumb!

She Has The Time - One day I'll have the time to ponder....hopefully?

Your Gonna Miss This - If I was going to wish for any age...I think it would be the age of 8....everything is great when your 8


Melissa B. said...

Awesome! I think Aunt Julie is the BEST!!!

Aunt Julie said...

Thanks! This is soooooo much fun...

The Mrs. said...

great answer to why mommy bloggers are important! I couldnt agree more with you!

Emmett said...

Just voted for you!